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        School Fee:

  1.  Fees should be deposited in any one of the working days as specified in the fee-book (see the year-plan) in the beginning of the months.
  2.  All the details of the fee collection are given on the Fee Account Book.
  3. The children who take new admission will pay one month`s tuition fee along with the admission Fee, Maintenance Fee, Establishment Charges and Annual charges. Annual Charges and maintenance fee will be charged every year. But the Admission Fee and the Establishment charges are charged only once at the time of admission.
  4.  On an emergency or due to any extra-ordinary unforeseen circumstances a student may be permitted to write the examination without fee clearance, on a written request from the parents, after submitting a written undertaking that they will not demand the result of their ward till the payment is done. It would be left to the discretion of the Principal or the management to release the result.
  5.  Fee defaulters will be charged Rs. 50 per month and Rs. 150 for two months as fine. The students are liable to have their names struck off the rolls, if they make default in paying fee for more than two consecutive installments. The parents will be informed in advance the decision of the management so that the student may not face an embarrassing situation.
  6.  Fee for any number of months, even for the whole year can be paid in advance. But however it will not be refunded in the case of withdrawing the child during the academic session.
  7.  Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  8.  Tuition fees will be charged for the whole year even though a child is admitted in the middle of a term. Maintenance charges will be charged every year. The Annual charges which comprise consumable expenses on the students, such as: electricity, water, sanitation and hygiene, first aid and health services, security, sports and games, HRD & welfare schemes, personal growth assistance like seminars and motivational programmes, generator, office expenses, Municipal corporation charges, like, house tax, water consumption charges, Tube well levy, Sewage and water connection charges etc. will also be charged every year. However, the admission fee will be charged only at the admission, with an additional ICSE entrance/enrolment charge at the time of admission to the 1st STD.
  9.  As long as the school does not receive any grant in aid from the Govt. the school is constrained to revise the fee structure annually to meet the rise in expenditure due to the increase of the cost of living. The enhanced rates of tuition fee and other dues if any will be informed at the time of admission in March or before starting the new session. However, the charges for any additional facilities introduced on the request of the parents will be charged as extra fee.
  10. The school may introduce certain additional advanced teaching technologies or facilities for the benefit of the students after gaining the consent of the majority of parents for which an additional fee will be charged. Such additional fee will not be part of the regular fee and therefore should not be considered as part of the fee enhanced for the year.
  11. Class-IX students have to pay I.C.S.E. Registration Fees and X-class I.C.S.E. exam. fees, in addition to the regular fees.